Warsaw stadium: Retractable Roof wins award at World Stadium Congress 2012


• Architect
JSK Architekten
• Consulting engineer
Schlaich Bergmann
• Fabrication/Installation
Hightex GMBH

  • • Serge Ferrari composite materials
    > Précontraint 1202 S2
    > Précontraint 1302 S2
    Material area : 11 000 m2

  • Inaugurated in January 2012, the new 59,000-seat capacity Polish national stadium was built as a venue for the Euro 2012 football championship. Its characteristic feature lies in the technology of its fully retractable central roof made of Précontraint Serge Ferrari composite material. This innovative concept enabled the Warsaw stadium to win two World Stadium Congress 2012 “Awards”, one for its usage of high technology and the other for its multifunctional capacities.

    Hosting all events and not being restricted by weather is just one of the main requirements for modern sports venues.
    Warsaw National Stadium is a perfect example of a facility that is designed by the public authority in search of versatility and a high level of return on investment. Initially designed to support and host the Euro 2012 matches, the stadium has long term plans for being a cultural event venue and to host major regional concerts. To achieve all of the demands put on the venue it was decided to have a fixed roof in combination with a central retractable portion – which can be open or closed based upon the weather.
    The retractable section is supported by 60 cables; and each cable has a motor capable of 4 ton traction as the roof open or closes on 15 different trolleys. This central retractable section then seals to the perimeter roof for a watertight finish.
    Designed to withstand the extreme folding and wind conditions; the Precontraint composite membrane was ideal for this application as its uniformity in the field is widely known. Manufactured using two different membranes from Serge Ferrari – the interior 10,000sqm section of 1202 S2 is mechanically welded to the exterior ring a 1302 S2 membrane.
    This combination of composite membranes allowed for a larger section to be retractable and thereby satisfying the engineering and societal requirements for the facility.

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    プレコントラン: 軽量膜構造建築に最適な高性能膜材料

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    • Temporary-and-mobile-structures-4-620x320
    • Stadium-covers-PRECONTRAINT-
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    セルジュ・フェラーリのプレコントラン(Precontraint) シリーズは、「耐久性」に優れた膜構造建築材料です。恒久建築物、及び仮設建築物にご使用いただけます。


    プレコントランは、軽量かつ耐久性に優れた膜材であると同時に 100% リサイクルに対応しています。セルジュ・フェラーリでは循環型リサイクルシステム「テキシループ」でプレコントランの回収と再生を含む 100% リサイクルに取り組んでいます。