Queen Elizabeth Park Stadium: 2012 Award of the most sustainable stadium


• Architect
• Consulting engineer
Buro Happold
• Fabrication/Installation
Seele Cover gmbh

  • • Serge Ferrari composite materials
    > Roof
    Précontraint 1202 S2

    Material area: 33 000m2
    > 12 entrance canopies :
    Précontraint 1202 S2

    Material area: 5 000 m2

  • By selecting Précontraint 1202 S2 composite membrane for the stadium roof and entrance canopies; Populous took full advantage of the lightness, strength and recyclability of Serge Ferrari composite material in total compliance with the organiser’s environmental strategy. The stadium received the World Stadium Congress 2012’s “Award for the most sustainable stadium”.

    Manufactured based on exclusive Précontraint Serge Ferrari patented technology, the composite membrane guarantees the structure’s exceptional structural and aesthetic durability while maintaining a lightweight solution for the facility. The S2 fluorinated surface treatment ensures additional aesthetic durability.
    Built for the 2012 largest international sporting event, the concept required that the facility be able to host 80,000 spectators during the competition and following the events be able to be reformatted to ultimately host 25,000 fans.
    As for the unused composite, this can find a second life in material re-usage networks or be recycled through Serge Ferrari’s operational Texyloop® Network a determining option for the organiser.

    Download Serge Ferrari News Special Issue “Sport venues”



    プロジェクトサポート/お問い合わせ セルジュ・フェラーリの各国営業とプロジェクトチームが貴社の案件をサポートします。

    プレコントラン: 軽量膜構造建築に最適な高性能膜材料

    • Canopies-and-shade-structures-4-620x320
    • Temporary-and-mobile-structures-4-620x320
    • Stadium-covers-PRECONTRAINT-
    • Fixed-permanent-buildings-10-620x320

    セルジュ・フェラーリのプレコントラン(Precontraint) シリーズは、「耐久性」に優れた膜構造建築材料です。恒久建築物、及び仮設建築物にご使用いただけます。


    プレコントランは、軽量かつ耐久性に優れた膜材であると同時に 100% リサイクルに対応しています。セルジュ・フェラーリでは循環型リサイクルシステム「テキシループ」でプレコントランの回収と再生を含む 100% リサイクルに取り組んでいます。