Soundforms and Serge Ferrari bring indoor acoustics to outdoor band shells

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Specialty Fabrics Review | June 2013

Light-filled summer days and starry nights bring outdoor music events to parks and playgrounds, where tuneful performances float over audiences lazing on blankets and lawn chairs. One drawback to these idyllic outdoor concerts is sound quality, which is often unpredictable, diffuse and out-of-sync when channeled through multipurpose open stages.

During the London 2012 Olympic Games, two U.K. firms developed a solution—Soundforms, inflatable mobile acoustic performance shells that bring concert-hall sound into the great outdoors. Sound Forms PLC, London, is now the main contractor, designer and sales source for Soundforms.
Architen Landrell Associates Ltd., Chepstow, England, created the external skin for the eight inflatable cushions made with Precontraint 702 membrane that ensure waterproofing and form one structural Soundforms unit.

The sections, connected and sealed with the same air-tight zippers used in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) space suits, inflate to hold a curved clam shape.
The totally blackout Precontraint 702 stops the external light to come through and allows precise management of the stage lighting . The Precontraint dimensionnal stability is the key to maintaining the original structure shape.

Honours and Recognition:
• Winner of the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) International Achievement Award of Excellence
• Architecture World News said this about Soundforms: “The end result is exquisite… and the quality of sound is a triumph.”
• World Architecture Festival Judges highly commended Soundforms for its innovative design and how it “extended the possibility of bringing culture to more places and more people.”



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The Serge Ferrari Group

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The French manufacturing group Serge Ferrari is a leader in the flexible composite material sector.

As the inventor of Précontraint Serge Ferrari technology, we design and manufacture flexible high performence composite materials for architecture, yachting protection, industry, furniture, equipment protection, health, environment and visual communication sectors.

Précontraint Serge Ferrari patented technology


This technological leap forward enabled the fledgling company to very quickly make a name for itself in the field of composite materials.

Swiss made expertise


Serge Ferrari’s Swiss production unit expertise is long-time recognised in the field of speciality products requiring “Swiss Made” top-of-the range quality, innovation and technology.


Serge Ferrari’s sustainable development strategy: a source of performance

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Materials that meet major challenges

Serge Ferrari composite materials are specified by major international architects because their lightness, low physical density and performance characteristics all contribute to a sustainable approach to construction. These materials combine insulation, translucence, lightness, strength and stability. In particular, Précontraint technology provides them with the best weight/performance ratio and long-term stability, enabling them to be fully in phase with mankind’s natural resources challenge: to do better with less and for longer.