Arena Pantanal – Cuiabá – Brésil


State of Mato Grosso
GCP Arquitetos
Formatto Coberturas Especiais

  • Serge Ferrari composite material:
    28 panels
    Soltis FT 381
    >15 000 m2

    72 panels covering the portals
    Précontraint 902 S2
    >11 400 m2

  • To counter the high températures characteristic of the Cuiabá region, the cactus green color of the Soltis FT 381 micro-climatic facade contributes to spectator refreshment and comfort: this ingenious system allows water from basins right next to the stands to pass through this and evaporate in this openwork material.

    Meeting with Serge Coelho, associate architect, GCP Arquitetos

     What were the main guidelines for the Pantanal Arena project?
    “From design to construction, we were guided by three priorities. Firstly, to limit environmental impact in an exceptional natural context. Secondly, to take into account facility usage after the event, for example by designing modular stands that can be re-used at another venue.
    Finally, to provide an urban rénovation objective: a major concern when building this kind of facility in a degraded public area.”

    How do you assess the use of Serge Ferrari flexible composite materials?
    “A total success! The facade’s most striking characteristic is Soltis FT 381’s spectacular outward visibility: one has the impression that there is nothing there, that it’s disappeared!
    In design terms, the roof also truly unifies the four independent modular stands. Finally, the open texture material is advantageous in terms of thermal protection and ventilation.”




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    The Serge Ferrari Group

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    The French manufacturing group Serge Ferrari is a leader in the flexible composite material sector.

    As the inventor of Précontraint Serge Ferrari technology, we design and manufacture flexible high performence composite materials for architecture, yachting protection, industry, furniture, equipment protection, health, environment and visual communication sectors.

    Précontraint Serge Ferrari patented technology


    This technological leap forward enabled the fledgling company to very quickly make a name for itself in the field of composite materials.

    Swiss made expertise


    Serge Ferrari’s Swiss production unit expertise is long-time recognised in the field of speciality products requiring “Swiss Made” top-of-the range quality, innovation and technology.


    Serge Ferrari’s sustainable development strategy: a source of performance

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    Materials that meet major challenges

    Serge Ferrari composite materials are specified by major international architects because their lightness, low physical density and performance characteristics all contribute to a sustainable approach to construction. These materials combine insulation, translucence, lightness, strength and stability. In particular, Précontraint technology provides them with the best weight/performance ratio and long-term stability, enabling them to be fully in phase with mankind’s natural resources challenge: to do better with less and for longer.